January 2018 Update

We are receiving from the scammers a lot of messages. Most of them are ridiculous… They are trying to explain that one of their victims is a drug and ivory dealer…ridiculous… See below:

Mr. XXXXX is XXXXX citizen with passport number: XXXXX, and is considered a businessman of good reputation in real estate investments in Dubai and around the world.
In reality the gentleman is a big drug dealer and is served in Nairobi in Kenya because he had financed the ivory purchase operation a few years ago and every time he is in Africa, it is for plan poaching adventure and finance the borders of eastern Africa from Nairobi (Kenya) through Kampala (Uganda) and Dar es salaam (Tanzania).
Being de-identified because his cargo of ivories and drugs were seized by the anti-fraud cell of the Kenyan police and so he came to negotiate if possible the release of his products from smuggling.
Find below the copy of his passport and the day of his flight coming from.

Mr. XXXXX put the pictures of innocent people in his wordpress website just trying to make trouble for investigations process by police and he doesn't want to be recognised a drug dealer!

These guys have been EXPOSED¬†with PROOFS and they don’t like it!

One of the scammers has been localized in Kinshasa/Mbandaka, Congo!

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