Find below the information about scammers actually in activity in Nairobi.

Here is how they proceed :

  • These people pretend to be part of an organization “Darfur Peace Development”. The problem is that the website has not been updated since 2009… When you use the contact email, it does not exists anymore.
    The scammers use “DARFURDEVELOPMENTORGANIZATION.COM”, domain name that has been registered…the same day we met these people…. Of course, they used an anonymous registration.



  • They send you a driver at your hotel, and drive you to a place in a FREEZONE near Nairobi Airport.
    Then 2 security guards ask you to empty your pockets, another guy inside, ask you to sign a paper and take your passport.
    Once this is done, they open a room, where the money is.
    “The Doctor” ask you a number, from this number he chooses a wad of banknotes. From this wad, he takes 1 bill. And start over.
    To make you more confident, they give you few hundreds dollars, from one of the boxes, so you can check the money is not fake. Each box contains approximately 250 millions USD. We were not able to verify this info.

Photo of one of the boxes.

2 bills from one of the boxes :
Serial numbers :
LE 06780029F
LG 52650061E

  • When you ask these people, the documents about the money, to do the Due Diligence, you have….nothing. Of course, who would accept to manage hundreds of millions without knowing anything about the money ? Unless you don’t care about getting a life-sentence prison.


  • They ask you to pay for a company in Kenya, to manage the money. (When you have billions USD, why would they need someone else to create a company for them ?…..).


  • They introduce you to a lawyer Christine Njage, which is also part of the group of scammers, and ask you to pay 70 000 USD for the company creation, that worths … 200 USD (see here on the official website of the Kenyan Government).

Quote from the lawyer Christine Njage :

Quote from a REAL & SERIOUS lawyer in Nairobi :


  • They reserve the company name for few dollars NS-6DHD5JY-Name Search Reservation
  • they show you the contract, that is totally useless, because they know they will scam you from the beginning.
  • Once you have paid a deposit for the company creation, they bring you to the bank, for the company account opening (at Barclays).
    They are telling you that once you have paid the missing money for the company, they will make the deposit of 500 millions USD. Of course, not even a cent will be deposited…


  • Of course, none of them answer you, when you ask to be refunded for the down payment, not even the lawyer.


“The Lawyer/Advocate” : Christine Njage

She is registered, and because of this, the scammers know that you will be comfortable and make sure you will pay for the company.

She is guilty for breach of trust, fraud, overcharging, criminal association

Phone numbers :
00 254 02 3342498
00 254 799 547 239
00 254 725 163 760

Gmail : [email protected]


This female has registered her domain name, approximately 1 hour after we met her, and again, anonymously, with same registrar than the organization.

She welcomes you in a very small and dirty office in Nairobi. She makes the scam possible.

Her email is not even working : 

“The consultant” : Geoffrey KOBIA

The purpose of this guy is to make you comfortable and relaxed. He speaks the same “language” and is telling you that everything will be fine all the time. He is the guy who will bring you to the bank, with a nice tie. He is the only one who speaks a proper english.
He will make sure you will pay for the company, with a nice smile. He pretends not to be part of the organization….

He works with the lawyer, and has access to the same email : [email protected]

His email is : [email protected]

“ابن ستين شرموطة” Ahmad Danyar

This guy does not speak english, only arabic. He looks at you like an idiot, and try to make you to pay the biggest deposit possible for the company creation.

He was totally useless, for the time we spent in Nairobi, very arrogant, ignorant, rude and above all, stupid.

Phone Number : 00 254 786 525 550

“The Doctor” : Ebraheem Yusuf Abdul Elkareem

This guy is the scammer in chief !
He is supposed to have 3 billions CASH and in Gold Nuggets, but has a business card that does not even spell Darfur properly… with phone numbers that don’t even work.
First time you meet him, you introduce your company, and your services, he does not even listen to you.

First conversation :
Him : “How much do you want (on the 3billions)?”,
Us : “We can start with 500 millions, and see how it goes.”
Him : “Ok”
Then the meeting is over.
Who invests 500 millions in minutes ?

So this guy will give you a loan of 500 millions, without knowing what you do.

Phone number : 00254 737 314 942
email : [email protected]
Address : Methodist Centre 2nd For Oloitoktok Rd Nairobi, Kenya

ADDRESS of the House of the SCAMMERS: https://goo.gl/maps/cwfhRYupJzN2



The idea is simple :
– They show you a lot of cash (probably blacklisted, tracked, dirty…who knows…), – They ask you to create a company and to pay for it,
– They share between them the money you have sent to the lawyer, for the company creation.
– You are scammed.

We don’t know how they have access to this money, but they surely can’t use it.
The legal authorities will find out.
They only use this money to scam potential wealth managers.


Now What ?

We are in contact with different legal authorities, mainly with Interpol.
All documents and proofs have been sent to them already.


January 2018 Update

We are receiving from the scammers a lot of messages. Most of them are ridiculous… They are trying to explain that one of their victims is a drug and ivory dealer…ridiculous… See below:

Mr. XXXXX is XXXXX citizen with passport number: XXXXX, and is considered a businessman of good reputation in real estate investments in Dubai and around the world.
In reality the gentleman is a big drug dealer and is served in Nairobi in Kenya because he had financed the ivory purchase operation a few years ago and every time he is in Africa, it is for plan poaching adventure and finance the borders of eastern Africa from Nairobi (Kenya) through Kampala (Uganda) and Dar es salaam (Tanzania).
Being de-identified because his cargo of ivories and drugs were seized by the anti-fraud cell of the Kenyan police and so he came to negotiate if possible the release of his products from smuggling.
Find below the copy of his passport and the day of his flight coming from.

Mr. XXXXX put the pictures of innocent people in his wordpress website just trying to make trouble for investigations process by police and he doesn't want to be recognised a drug dealer!

These guys have been EXPOSED with PROOFS and they don’t like it!

One of the scammers has been localized in Kinshasa/Mbandaka, Congo!

February 2018 Update

    • The scammers are now working with a new lawyer:
      Okundi & Co Advocates.
      They will continue to change from time to time…

  • Geoffrey Kobia: New photos below of this scammer. He is “working” for http://greencredit.co.ke (website under construction…)
  • They are using a new website: https://www.darfour.org/, register with [email protected] on 22 August 2017.

July 2018 Update

The scammers are trying to take down this website in many ways:

  • by doing DDoS attacks
  • by doing phishing attempts
  • by spamming the content
  • by threatening the owner of this website

They are losing their time. We are web experts. Nothing can take down this website. Nothing.